Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY glitter vase

I like wine, glitter, & DIY projects, so when I found this DIY project on pinterest, I thought it was perfect for me!

All you need is:
- Any bottle (I used a wine bottle that I had cleaned and removed all labels off of it)
-Any type of glitter you'd like
-Pledge floor care finish

All you do it pour the pledge in your bottle, swirl around, and empty the left over pledge back into the container. Next, you pour your glitter in your bottle and swirl until it covers all of your edges and pour the remainder of the glitter out. Then, YOU'RE DONE! So easy & cute.
The dilemma I had was that I ended up wanting to give Ryan's mom this vase and fill it with fresh flowers, which obviously wouldn't work because the water would wash away the glitter. So we ended up filling it with fake flowers. Still pretty.

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