Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catching Myself

Weight loss & maintenance is HARD WORK. It seems to simple to most... calories in to calories out.
To a girl who loves food, it's a lot harder than it is "simply" put.
Although loosing my weight was anything but easy, it was a heck of a lot easier loosing it than maintaing it. My diet has slipped since May(ish). I see myself starting to slip back into old habits. It's hard to admit, but easier than heck to do. But the positive thing is that I'M CATCHING MYSELF!

I have put on about 20lbs since then, keeping my weight loss at about 66lbs. That is still great, I know, but I am bound and determined to get those 20lbs that I gained back off & them some! 
Don't get me wrong, I still have a healthy diet, BUT I have been slipping. My husband and I will have a "candy bar" after a healthy home cooked meal, or we will go out to eat on Saturday and I'll have a hamburger. Why do that to myself? It's..... just.... FOOD! Does it mean that much to me? Does it taste that good? (maybe) NO!
That is when I need to put things into perspective. I love love love my blogging world & friends whom I have made. My blog & you friends whom I have made keep me in check. THANK YOU!
Unfortunately, for the past couple of months (since Mayish) I have been dealing with my husbands health (he is all better now- see my previous posts) so I have been crazy busy, stressed, and scared and really have been slacking. I know, it's not an excuse! I should not use that as an excuse..... and I won't! However, I am coming clean with myself and all of you... So PLEASE... hold me accountable!!!!!! I am determined to continue to live a healthy lifestyle and continue to become a lean, mean, fighting machine!
I love how fitness and being healthy brings people together... it is truly amazing.

I entered my weight loss story to a local gym (Fit Club) & radio station (99.7KISSFM) and they chose me as one top 10 semi-finalist for a 12 week weight loss competition. The three semi finalists who get the most "LIKES" of their picture on my gyms facebook page get to compete in this challenge  The challenge package includes a gym membership, personal training, & a nutritionists. Out of those three contestants who compete who looses the most weight loss percentage wins a makeover from a local salon (BJ Grand Spa) and an all expense paid vacation to MEXICO!!! 

I can currently in second place, but it's a super close match and people can get 50 votes within minutes! So my goal is to try to get ahead by a lot. The voting goes on until Dec 17th so I have three more weeks. If you have facebook, PLEASE follow this link, CLICK on this picture, & then LIKE it!!! Please get your loved ones to vote, too! I am begging :)

I have come so far & I still have a ways to go. I want to get to my leanest & best body weight before I start having children & I want to learn how to MAINTAIN my weight.

Thanks to all of my lovely followers- love you all!!!!

Here's the link:



  1. I hope you do well in the contest! I liked your photo!
    don't be too hard on yourself. Recognize the ares you want to improve and keep doing what you are doing to get back to it. It will always be a struggle, but one WELL worth it!

  2. I wish I could like it more than once!

    I've been really struggling lately too, also having gained back a good chunk of weight recently. It's so frustrating! But awareness is so important! We got this!

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