Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday night dinner

Pizza is my favorite food. It's so good. Love the crust, the cheese, and everything that it entails. Unfortunately, pizza isn't too friendly when it comes to the "healthy eating" department. So while searching pinterest the other night (obsessed with that site), I found a cauliflower crust pizza that sounded and looked at least half way decent. It's from "recipe girl's" site

Basically what you do is grate 1 1/2 cups of cauliflower and microwave it for 8 minutes. Mix in one egg, 1 cup of fat free mozzarella cheese, oregano, garlic, and onion salt.

Spray a cookie sheet and mold to a thin crust pizza circle. Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. Take the crust out and turn the oven to broil.

Add 1/2 cup of tomato pizza sauce on crust, add 1/4 cup f.f. mozzarella cheese, top with 1/2 cup of drained pineapple chunks and 3 slices of sliced canadian bacon and top with the remainder 1/4 cup of cheese.

Broil for 3-4 minutes and voila, it's ready!
I calculated the weight watcher points plus points, so don't hate me if it's not accurate. :)
The recipe said that it was supposed to make a 9 inch pizza, but it was pretty much a 7 (ish) inch pizza, it looked more like a personal pan pizza, but it was rich enough and the perfect amount for two!
For half of the pizza, I calculated that it was 8 WW+
The final product tasted surprisingly really good and I even got a "that's really good, hunny" from my husband!

I also steamed some eggs for the week. Love having my hard boiled eggs throughout the weeks mornings for breakfast.

Enjoy and comment below if you tried it too! Happy cooking :)


  1. Hello! I saw you over at mama laughlin... Nice to meet! I haven't tried the cauliflower crust yet but want to... how did it taste? I definitely keep eggs ready to eat all week long, great tip! Best wishes on your goals! :)

  2. Hi! It was delicious!! Make sure you grate a little more than 1 1/2 cups of cauliflower because it will condense when you microwave it. Thank you and I enjoy reading about yours too!

  3. I saw a comment of yours on Mama Laughlin's blog too! That pizza crust is such an interesting idea. I may have to try it! Feel free to check out my blog if you want. :) The URL is