Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Changin' It Up

First and foremost, I just wanted to THANK all of my lovely fellow bloggers in this crazy cool blog-land. Your messages on my post made me feel so special and gave me the inspiration and motivation to keep on track on my road to healthy. As I stated yesterday, I took the day off of running, and as much as I hated not having that nice long run, I am pleased to report that my shin feels so much better! They still hurt today, but I was not limping around like I have been the past week. So I decided to take another day off and switch it up, thanks to your lovely advice and suggestions. I did P90X! Well, I attempted P90X. :)
Ryan bought P90X a couple years ago and has done it here & there, but it's extremely hard, so I have never even attempted. Well, I decided that I'd give it a shot and at least attempt to do the work outs. For example, I did "girl push ups" and used my resistance band instead of actual pull ups. It worked really well! I was struggling, but it was a nice struggle, and a change of pace. Will I do this work out everyday? Heck no! Will I throw it in there every once in awhile, heck yes! And who knows, maybe when I loose my final 30lbs, I'll be able to complete it? Anything can happen.
After the 60 minute arms, chest, and back workout, I completed the Ab Ripper 20 min work out. I had to modify some of the sit up exercises, but it went well and boy did/do they burn!

My husband enjoyed taking pictures of me during my first experience with the P90X.
Here I am pre work out (hence the big smile). Ha!

Mid work out. Doing the "pull ups" with my resistance band. I had to make due and connect it to our front door knob. Hey, it worked!

And a quote I found after blogging last night. How appropriate to my feelings. It's now my iphone backdrop... a positive constant reminder that "I'VE GOT THIS."
Thanks again for your posts on my "good" and "bad" days. It's nice to have people who have/are struggling with similar issues. Hey... we're all in this together!
Cheers (with water of course)


  1. I made the quote I posted the other day, "she believed she could so she did" my lap top background and love reading it everytime I get on there. *It's the small things.*

    Good job on the P90X. Love the resistance band on the door.

  2. Ohhh great idea to switch it up, I've been dying to try out P90x, I just don't want to pay for it :)