Sunday, March 11, 2012

Springin' Forward

Spring forward, why do you do dirty things to me? Like make me sleep until 10am (9am) and then not be tired at 9pm (8pm)? Confusing? I know!
Anyways... Sorry I've been SLACKING on blogging this week. I was on Spring Break and focused on working out, relaxing, and studying. It was a much needed "break."
So the last time I posted on my "sizzlin sunday," I was at 270 miles to reach my goal... I'm now at 240 miles!!! Woo Hoo!!
I have been experiencing a painful shin splint on just my left leg this week. After one of my runs last week, I pushed myself that last two minutes on the treadmill and ran 7.5mph, and to be honest, I think I just pushed myself too hard. Depending on the day, I run anywhere from 5.2-5.5 mph and then I'll increase it to 6.0 or so the last couple of minutes (maybe).
Naturally at heart, I am a very competitive person and I always push myself, sometimes too far. I know that this shin splint isn't the worst thing that could happen, but it sure opened my eyes to continue to take things slow and take care of myself. So I have been good to my leg by icing it after runs and running at a slower pace this week, 5.0-5.2. But, I didn't let it stop me from workin' it. :) One day, I did the elliptical, which was fine, but I just love the feeling I get after a great, long, sweaty, run. Any suggestions on how to kick this shin splint to the curb, quick?
On my goal board, I don't count the miles walked/elliptical... strictly the miles I have run.
I had to jump on the wagon and try out the broom trick at Walmart.

And I'll leave you today with two extremely motivating quotes I found off of pinterest. What did I do before pinterest?

I promise to pay more attention to you this week, my sweet little blog. It makes my day to see the sweet comments from my fellow bloggers.


  1. You go girl!! You are knocking out those miles!

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  3. Way to go!! Try freezing water in Dixie cups and massaging it on your shin in the evening, also stretch stretch stretch your calves!

  4. Your mileage count is blowing me away!! Wow, good job, keep it up!!