Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sizzlin Sunday

Earlier this week I posted a recipe of sweet tater black bean burgers that I prepared and was going to cook later in the week. Well today was the perfect day for us to eat them. We defrosted them from the freezer earlier in the day and then Ryan fired up the grill around dinner time, slapped them on there for 7 minutes, flipped, and finished off for 5 minutes. Next time I'll actually listen to the ladies recipe by baking them in the oven at 375 degrees 15 minutes on each side. They were still DELICIOUS, just a little crispy! Seriously though, you should try them out! My husband loves his meat, but he was pretty impressed with these, too.

I also put some asparagus (favorite food ever) and green beans in some tin foil and he cooked them on the grill to. So-darn-yummy.
Looking at my past posts, I have been making it a Sizzlin Sunday tradition to post my new years resolution every week. So last Sunday I was at 284, and this Sunday I'm at ..... 270!!!! That is determination, folks. And How can you not be motivated when "I'm sexy & I know it" comes on Pandora when you're running? I almost caught myself singing for everyone at the club to hear! ha!

Check back next Sunday and hopefully I'll be down even more!

What are some of your new year goals that you made for yourself?

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