Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Birthday/Easter Door Wreath

The other day I saw a DIY door wreath for a birthday. My birthday is Saturday (March 3rd) and Ryan's is April 1st, so I decided to go with a gender neutral birthday wreath. I picked up three things:
1. A styrofoam circle wreath (ideally I would have liked a thinner one, but that's all they had at Hobby Lobby and I didn't feel like going anywhere else)
2. 7(ish) 3 packs of curled ribbon (it depends on the size of your wreath- since mine was bigger, I will add a few more on later)
3. Ribbon to hang the wreath from

Here's the supplies:

I stapled the ribbons on the wreath and it worked just fine, but you could use a hot glue gun instead if you'd like.
Continue all the way around the wreath. Yes, it's that simple.

Here's the final product!
It turned out super cute. Like I said earlier in the post, because it's staying on our door for both my birthday and Ryan's, I decided to go with a gender neutral color. This ribbon was the only multi-colored ribbon and I am happy with the product. If it were just my birthday, I would have totally done PINK and if it were Ryan's birthday I would have done a BLUE, but this works fine. It also reminds me a lot of Easter, so I'll add a few plastic eggs and voila, it'll be an Easter wreath!

Bella was wondering what the heck mommy was doing:

Speaking of my birthday--- here's my present that Ryan is taunting me with:


I ran 3.2 (a 5K) tonight before having dinner with my friend Laura. My legs were sore from yesterday, but it felt good to get a run in!

What are some of your favorite DIY projects to do?

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