Monday, February 6, 2012


You see those feet? They carried me 3.3 miles tonight! So far, that's the farthest I've ran. I realllllly want to get to 4 miles, but hot dog it's hard! I'll just keep pushing myself. Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be the big 4 mile day ;)

We had an oncology exam today and I did well on that, so I was pretty excited about that. Celebrated by a mandatory Target shopping spree with my friend, Lauren. I bought a super cute hot pink pencil skirt to wear for our valentines date. I don't even know what we're doing, but I have a cute outfit, so we have to do something now, right? :) I'm not a huge Valentines Day girl. I enjoy it, I mean who doesn't enjoy love-y dove-y stuff, but come on, it IS pretty corny. And chocolate isn't to kind to the "healthy lifestyle." I also got a super cute purple shirt and a tan oversized sweater. Hey, I deserve it ;)

After Ryan and I hit the gym tonight we went grocery shopping for the week. Lots of chicken is on the menu... and of course my favorite food ever, asparagus.
Ryan decides to tell me he has a "food day" for work tomorrow for one of his co workers birthdays. It seems like they have a food day every week. I love his co workers... they have been really good to him and they are hard workers. I had some almond bark at home so I just picked up some pretzel rods and sprinkles and made chocolate covered pretzels! Happy Birthday, Jeanie! ;)


  1. great job on the run!! you be hitting 4 in no time!!

  2. Thank you!!! I'm going to try for it this week;)