Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's summer.... in February!

Hello my friends! All six of you... well technically 4 of you... one of my 6 "followers" is myself and the other is my husband. ha!

Today's Sassy Saturday! I worked today until 3... oh the joys of being in the medical field. Secretly I kind of enjoy it because that means I can make my "honey to do list" for the hubby and he does it because he feels bad that I'm at work while he is off work. ;)

Our good friend Laura and her bf Joel are having their annual "Summer Party" tonight, so we're going to that. What are we wearing you may ask? I don't know yet... I'll post a picture on a post later this week. The party is for all of the summer lovers who hate the winter blues. They have jello shots(yuck), a keg, and the works. Should be a good time!

I made up for my lazy Thursday. I ran 2.75 miles yesterday (why didn't I just go to 3?) and we are about to head to the gym now! Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.... I don't care who wins... just going to the party to socialize :)

Have a great and safe Saturday!


  1. Oh that sounds fun. A summer party in the middle of winter! Have a blast, and congrats on the run & gym work!

  2. Yeah pretty cute idea, huh? Thanks!:)