Monday, February 13, 2012

5 MILES!!!!!

I finally got to 5!!! I was having a not-so-good-pitty-party kind of day and I KNEW I needed to make myself hit the gym hard not only because I skipped running yesterday, but just to make myself feel better. It's amazing what the endorphins do to you- it's free lexapro! ;)
Here's my 5 mile mark.......... (the 3 minute was my cool down)

And this is where I'm at on my goal as of tonight.... 294 miles to go. I can do this!
This is a picture before I began the day today...
And this is a picture before Ryan and I went out Saturday night to listen to an awesome local band; Leaving Ashland.
And this folks, is why I was having a not-so-good-pitty-party kind of day.... Yesterday I decided to back out of my garage and hit the HECK out of my mirror! It's a tight squeeze on my side of the garage and Ryan always reminds me to watch out while I back out of the garage and finally after two years of living here..... I DID IT. I've never gotten into an accident (knock on wood) or anything of that sort, so this was hard to swallow. UGH- What a pain! At least I learned my lesson to watch what I'm doing, right? :)
I made delicious Skinny Enchiladas last night for a few of our friends. Only 150 calories per enchilada and 4 WW+ points! Try them... they're yummy!


  1. Yay!! 5 miles on the dreadmill is SO MUCH harder than 5 miles outdoors, great job!!!

  2. Good for you! I can't wait until I can really start running again. I know what you mean about those endorphins. I may not always feel ike running but once I'm done I am so thankful I did. Sorry about your car. That's a bummer!

  3. Woohoo!! Awesome, keep it up! I agree, the immediate gratification of working out is as much fun as the end result. Thanks for the reminder! Sorry about your mirror. : (

  4. Yay for 5 miles! That's my favorite distance to run. SO sorry about your car. (Dislike)