Thursday, February 2, 2012


So the groundhog saw his shadow this morning... 6 more weeks of winter... womp womp womp. If it's anything like this "winter" has been, then I'll totally take it. Wearing my light face north face around in 50 degree weather is totally fine with me!
So I took the day off of running tonight and I am feeling REALLY guilty about it. :( I know, I know, pitty party right here, but hey I can complain on my own blog, right? ha!
I ran a 5K two days in a row- both Tuesday and Wednesday night. I actually ran for 3.2 and a 5K is 3.1. That's great for me. As you saw in an earlier post my new years resolution (goal) for myself is to run 365 miles in 365 days. My thinking was to encourage myself to get physical activity in daily (even though it didn't work today), so I'd be at least running a mile a day. I don't count the miles walked, just ran. So needless to say, I am running right along (no pun intended)! I am starting to get addicted to the running. Some people talk about a "runners high" and I never really knew what it meant. I did, however, know what a "swimmers high" was... I used to get it all the time at practices. Well I got the "runners high" when I was running last night. Not the whole 3.2 miles- more like for .1 of the whole run, but HEY, at least it was something!
Ryan and I went out to dinner tonight to Applebees with my momma and nephew. I like Applebees because they already have the weight watcher point plus values for some of their entrees. I got the lime chicken and for 13 points+ it was "ok," but definitely not worth it. I was hungary so I ate about 2/3 of it and boxed the rest for my mom to take home to my dad. I can make a mean chicken entree for 5-6 WW+ at home, so that just goes to show that eating out can kill your diet. At the same time, planning ahead really helps and it is still manageable to eat out and eat healthy (just not saying it's easy)!
Ryan and I finally got a beverage fridge for our garage!! Woo Hoo! A girl that I go to school with got new appliances, so she didn't have a use for her old fridge and gave us one heck of a deal (thanks, Lela). Now the beer/water/diet pop doesn't have to fill our entire fridge. Since we eat a lot of fresh produce and have left overs from meals, it's nice to have a fridge dedicated to food back.

Next blog I promise to report back a good work out- nothing like feeling like CRAP before going to bed due to being lazy (Pity Party).


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