Saturday, February 11, 2012

Now & Then

I've contemplated posting "now & then" pictures for awhile now, and I finally decided to do it. I was apprehensive because it seriously makes me sick to my stomach to look at pictures and talk about the way I was just a short time ago. However, I do know how beneficial it is to talk about what I was once was in order to keep myself in line and continue on a healthier life style. I must say, I have come a long way. When I was at my biggest weight, I knew I was bigger, but looking at the pictures now- I did NOT think I looked the way I did....

Here's a picture from July 2011 taken on our vacation in Florida. I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle the DAY we got back... So this is a real "before" picture. (I am cringing)

This was a picture of Ryan and I in Cancun Mexico May 2010. Large and in charge.
Still in Mexico... I remember looking at this picture & thinking I kind of looked fit? Sick!

And this is a picture taken Jan 28, 2012 celebrating my sister's birthday.
Same night...

It's amazing how far I've come... I mean really. I am seriously proud of myself! This is HARD, *but* attainable! That is the key! And it all happened because I was determined. It's amazing what the human body can do.

I made Chicken Rollatini. It's 5 WW+ and it was delicious! My picture isn't as pretty as skinnygirls, but it still tastes good. ;)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, you have come a long way!! You should be proud, you look freaking HOT!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! You have come a long way. I remember thinking I didn't look that bad until I saw pictures. You look great before too though.