Monday, February 20, 2012


What a Monday!!! Busy Busy.....
My husband had the day off of work for Presidents Day even though he worked on a project whose deadline is this week... thank gosh because I don't know if I could handle another week of a grumpy, frustrated, and sleep deprived husband! He is fortunate that he usually doesn't bring a lot of work stress home (at least that I can tell), but every couple of months he has a deadline on a hard project and things get a bit tense around our household. Thank goodness I am a completely rationale and understanding wife, right? ;) Ha!

I ran 3.2 miles at the club tonight..... felt great!

I had to do a presentation on musculoskeletal disorders today. Here's a picture before I left. This gal loves her cheetah print!

Remember the Fix it & forget it slow cooker chicken fajitas that I prepared yesterday? I made them today and BOY ARE THEY DELICIOUS! I definitely recommend trying them.

This is something that I struggle with every .... single .... night .....

Thinking that I'm hungry before bed..


So here's some food for thought that keeps me from snacking before bed:

Like it? Yeah, me too.

What are some tricks that you do to keep yourself from snacking before bed?


  1. I love anything I can throw in the slow cooker. I'll me trying those fajitas out soon! P.S. Love, Love the quote about going to bed hungry and waking up thin. I need to post that right on the wall next to my bed!

  2. Once i go lay in bed, I'm too lazy to get back up :) So if I'm feeling hungry I brush my teeth and hop under the covers!