Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY painted wine glasses.... Epic Fail

So I found an adorable DIY project off pinterest that involved painting a champagne or wine glass with glitter paint. The ladies turned out really cute and it looked simple & easy, so I figured I'd give it a shot.Well, I tried it today and totally nailed it........ NOT!

I bought 5 wine glasses from the dollar store. I also stopped by Michaels and bought letter stickers, Martha Stewart glitter paint in gold and silver, and Martha Stewart sponge brushes. I already had painters tape and chalkboard paint at home.

My first attempt was a wine glass for my pregnant friend, Natalie. My hope was to have a wine glass that said "Moms Sippy Cup." The lady said to apply the stickers, tape around where you want your paint to be, apply one layer, let dry, and then apply the second. Once it all dries, you peel the tape and stickers off.

Well, I am not very patient, so I may or may not have painted several layers all at once. (Maybe that's where I went wrong) :)
Annnnd.... Fail
Since it already looked HORRIBLE, I snapped a picture for all of you to be able to have a laugh. I also decided to test out chalkboard paint since this was already going in the trash. I liked the chalkboard paint on the bottom of the glass.
So I decided to paint two others with chalkboard paint. One more coat & they'll be ready!

After having a headache of a DIY craft, I just left the last two plain... Maybe I should have filled one up with wine. Ha!

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  1. I just pinned this on pinterest the other day!! It looked so cute but kind of tricky! I love the chalkboard glasses though!! They turned out really cute & are so unique! :)