Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2012!

OMG!!! The stinkin' leprechauns came & forgot to flush!!! :) Thanks pinterest for the cute idea.

Saint Patty's Day ends up being Ryan's grandmother's birthday, so it gave me an excuse to bake! I made green "Lucky Charm Cupcakes." They ended up being so cute! I died the batter with green dye and topped with a small amount of green icing and of course, lucky charms. I made them the skinny way by just taking the box of cupcake/cake mix and a 12 oz can of diet 7 UP. That's it! No eggs, no oil, just diet pop. They were a hit!

Before the hubby & I headed out of town, we went to the parade downtown. Our town does such a great job on the Saint Patricks Day Parade. Usually people head down town to free breakfast at (most) bars and day drinking. The parade starts at 12 and lasts 1-2 hours(ish). This year we went with my sister & nephew, so it was a bit more tame, and I really enjoyed it! I love spending time with the people who matter the most to me. :)

How cute is this little guy?
He loved his glasses....
And meeee :)
With my sis:
& my handsome hubby:
All in all, a GREAT Saint Patrick's Day!! Hope you all were lucky! :)


  1. Ha ha! Love the green toilet water! I did that to my kids too!

  2. I never knew you could do that with cupcakes! I will have to try it for my girls.

    You look great in all of your green!