Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday... To Me!!!!!

(Dad & I after our run)

Today is my 26th birthday, folks!

I started off my birthday with a 730am run in the park with my dad. My dad runs all of the time.. He has run several marathons, so I have never been able to really "keep up" with him. Well we ran 4.2 miles in 40-41 minutes! Averaging 6.0-6.1, which is GREAT!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! I was definitely on a runners high.

My momma made cupcakes with sugar free icing & my hubby made a "special" birthday cake for me. I feel loved :)
He always makes a "theme" birthday cake for me and I can't wait to see the reveal this year!

Several of my best friends have already called and several people have left Facebook comments... I'm feeling the love!! :)

Off to continue the celebration! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

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  1. Great time on your run!!! Have a fantastic birthday!!